Adobe Residency

I’m Clara. I’m a creative technologist, storyteller and artist living in Brooklyn. My work is inspired and fueled by a fascination with knowledge and how we understand, create and keep memories; and it’s located at the intersection of physical and digital mediums. I’m interested (borderline obsessed) with keeping memories and saving artifacts to retrieve said memories.

I chose these three projects to showcase what I can do and what inspires me to keep making. It’s a mixture of a serious work project, a seriously artsy project, and one in-between.

shimmer – Collection for EO

This project is inspired by how your memories changes every time you remember them, which I found both beautiful and sad, filled with nostalgia and surprises.

I used found footage and glitter suspended in an oil medium, which allowed an “artisanal” and slightly random process when dripping the glitter and then over-imposing that on curated snippets from found footage.


You can check the finished vignettes here!


Traverse is an app that helps you keep your memories. It uses your photos and a map to visualize the connections between those photos and the things they make you think of, so you can keep, relive and re-explore your memories.

This was a custom solution informed by how we understand our brains and getting knowledge work, mainly contextual knowledge that gets codified and remembered by our brain by breaking it into pieces and connecting each piece to each other.

The app allows you tag each photo with the most representative elements from the photo that, will be the things that come back to you when you’re trying to remember it and find it. With that in mind, the flip side of this is a map that connects these tags into clusters and allows you to explore this memories, helping you traverse these stories and reviving them.


I built a custom CMS and website for EYEBEAM. This allowed me to work with amazing artists and a groundbreaking studio mixing their refined sense of style with solid UX/UI and back-end code.


You can check the live site here!


Memories We Never Had is a project I’ve been working on. It’s a passion project based on how memories play tricks on us and change, sometimes taking us to tell crazy and surreal stories that we remember like they were true. I used sci-fi inspired gifs and set them up in tiny viewers, which are filled with an audience, watching these stories play out in a tiny-giant screen. And here’s a video of the interaction!

I believe these 4 projects show how memory and storytelling has inspired and fueled my art practice and how I have been working with code, tech, design and analog elements (all of the Adobe suite has being a key tool for this!). The project that this residency would allow me to explore and build is a combination of all of these elements and it really feels like the next step, the natural evolution of my work and my artistic point of view. I’m incredibly excited about the chance to put this puzzle together.

Thank you!