playlist memorable


playlist memorable is an artifact that connects sounds, memory and (shiny) found objects. It’s a tiny purse that plays sound clips whenever is open. These sounds represent memories, short snippets that can trigger our brain and take us to specific moments, company and events.

The concept behind verses on the silent witnesses of our memories, objects that are there and become tokens of these experiences and how they become keepers of it. The purse in this case was a found object that serves as a placeholder for all these objects, but also helps by “containing” these sound snippets.

At the same time, these sound snippets bring memories back, you can say is a two-fold attempt to guard these memories bring them back  anew whenever the right son hits us.

You can see it here:

For this specific playlist I used personal memories: a voicemail from a dear friend after a pretty epic Halloween party, hail falling on my apartment’s AC unit, a goal being scored during an epic Colombia – Urugual futbol game and the classic “Stand clear of the closing doors”.

The purse was featured in the interactive show  To the left of the pantry and under the sugar shack by the Haruna Lee Theater Company.