CMS for Mobile Content App


Content Management System for the agency’s in-house mobile application.

The Ask: Create a content management system for the agency’s in-house application. This system should guide the user to create new content pieces, work for different types of content (personal pages, room pages, articles pages) and create new flexible templates to display new and unique types of content.

The Process:
I started by talking with editors and users and asking about their current flow and what will they ideally want included. I saw them in action, using the current tool.
On top of that information, I did market research looking for what’s available in the CMS world and what’s the strongest quality from each. I took that and created an affinity map, mapping pain points, needs and wants and synthesized the research into features for the CMS.

I created a prototype and took it to the users. Seeing it action gave me valuable insight and feedback that has been incorporated in the product.

The Result:

A flexible and robust system capable of handling the creation of templates and the publication of a wide range of content, and a beautiful and practical design system that guides the user througout the CMS.