Experiential Design


As a creative technologist and artist I have been able to utilize digital and analog elements to create experiences driven by narrative.

Working on experiential and exhibition design has allow me to bring a hybrid of storytelling and innovative environments to the “real world”.
I have been able to work on projects that are driven by emotional connections and engagement, telling a wide range stories from how our memories work to how to interact with your money better.

These experiences have been based on research, original ideas and have been created with great teams and a lot of soldering. I have taken different roles in these projects, leading research and ideation, working on rapid iterations of the concept, building the prototype and the final installation and being on-site for support and documentation.

It has been a process that has enriched the way I understand and think about interfaces and that allows me to see the potential on any experience and space, and to create rich narratives for the products I work on, from a website to a Lego wall.

You can see more about Keepsake and the Lego Wall