EYEBEAM is a nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology toward a more imaginative and just world and getting to build their website was a great way to use my coding powers for an amazing product.

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I worked along a team of designers, a fellow developer and EYEBEAM’s communications team to bring to life the design of the website. This was a third way effort: Front End development, CMS development and Back-End development.

The process started with research of best CMS practices and meetings with the EYEBEAM team to figure out what they needed for their publishing process. We then moved the site off an outdated CMS into a brand new custom WordPress site, designed with the research in mind.

We had two users in mind: the outside visitor looking for more information about EYEBEAM and the inside user, part of EYEBEAM, that needs to publish this information.

The Front-End was based off custom design of an agency following EYEBEAM’s specific design aesthetic, but we got to enrich it in the process of coding it. One of my proudest moments was improving the UX and UI for the Residents Page with a custom filter.

The finished product was a great site that showcases EYEBEAM’s identity, provides the visitor with all the information they might need and entices them to know more,  and provides the inside team with an easy, hassle free CMS for their publications.

You can check the live site here.