In-House App



An mobile application for the agency featuring both editorial content from the work been created in the agency, along with strong functionality helping the user solve job-related tasks. 


The Ask:

A way to improve internal communication, keep the community engaged and informed and give them tools to better their workflow.

The Process:

It all started with the stakeholder’s vision of a tool that would improve the communication flow within the agency. I did an appraisal of the content that needed to be published in the app, and talked to potential users about their ideal functionalities in the app.

Once I had this, I brainstormed along with key players in the process: stakeholders, designers and developer into a first map of functionalities. With that, I created a first batch of comprehensive wireframes and user flows, fleshing out the basic functionalities. We worked on a timeline that allowed me to work on our MVP but keeping in mind our nice-to-haves for future deployments. 

Functionality L – Basic Flow

Following Agile Methodology, we iterate on the app fast and hard working through our sprints, developing functionality and keeping only what we needed and worked for our users/co-workers.

The app is currently live! We keep working and iterating to create a valuable and fun product for our users.