Keepsake is an interactive installation  that evokes the way our brains remember and learn.


The structure, which spans the width of a hallway at the Offit Gallery in Teacher’s College; was influenced by the look and feel of neurons. It is comprised of 400+ linear feet of acrylic tubes, each containing programmable LED lights. The buttons, when pressed, trigger animated paths through the web-like sculpture, representing the neural pathways in which our memories are stored and retrieved.

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Along with my partner, Jonathan Sparks, we worked on the concept, boiling it down to what we wanted to represent. We then undertook the building of the structure, creating custom circuits and parts to create the structure that we had imagined.

The ideation process was intense. It was equally enriched by theoretical research, material and parts research, user research and  by creating 3D and physical prototypes of our idea.

With that knowledge, we started a months-long process of fabrication. We: solder 400+ feet of LEDs, created custom joints, cut and painted acrylic tubes, wired power supplies and mounted the final structure.