Lighting Lego Wall


 An interactive budget data visualization connected to the mission of the bank’s app using Legos and LEDs. 

The Ask/Challenge:

Create an interactive and innovative experience inspired by the bank’s proprietary mobile application with a mission of co-create your finances. 

The Process / The Approach:

We started with several ideation workshops trying to work on an idea that would allow us to

Co-created, designed and build an interactive experience where users could plot their spending using custom-built Legos.

We ideated and iterated on the concept, solving the question of how to make the process of thinking about your money expenditure an interesting, fun, engaging and not overwhelming experience.

The Results:

An interactive installation comprised by Lego bricks, each one with a light that activates when placed on the 4x7ft board. Each user was then prompted to map their expenditure in 8 pre-determined categories. This allowed the user to visualize where the money was going and what changes would have to happen to attain budget goals. 

The installation converted a third of foot traffic and was at the center of a larger digital campaign that lead to an influencer Boomerang that was been viewed 26,000+ time.