Memories We Never Had


Memories We Never Had is an interactive piece inspired by how extraordinary memories seem to be sometimes and bring us clips that leave us questioning if we remembered correctly or not. It is also inspired by how our memories are our stories, and sharing them is a fundamental part of who we are. This sharing comes from both from the teller of the story and the listener, constitutes the way we present ourselves to the world and how we believe in ourselves.

The piece consist of slide viewers set to be rear projected, with scenes that are abstract in nature and represent topics such as space, science fiction and the human body. Each slide viewer has a small scene set on the inside, tiny spectators of each one of these memories. The piece invites the visitor to get up close and personal with each one of the viewers and explore these memories, peeking into other people’s unusual and sometimes, secret memories.

This project was showcased as part of Bushwick Open Studios.