UX Design


I believe in products that enhance and enrich a person’s life AND I love building stuff. That has led me to work on a number of products and experiences, from websites, to mobile apps to interactive installations.
I have worked on these product all through their lifecycle’s, leading research, designing functionalities and scopes, iterating, launching, improving and a big etcetera.

I have worked on developing better tools for my coworker’s workflow through several custom CMS. I have interviewed users. identified needs, designed functionalities and developed design systems to guide these products. I’ve been part of great teams that have built and deployed these tools. We have continuously worked on making them better and brighter. You can see more about these CMS here:

I worked on solving a personal problem: how to better find photos. Most applications will organized them by date and the way we “store” things in our brain is contextual. There was a gap in functionality between those two solutions that I tried to solve. I researched, designed and prototype my dreamed solution.

I’m constantly learning and trying to find better solutions and frameworks to build them. You can find me in a random cafe in Bushwick researching about usability or on the train, drawing icons. If you have a project you want to collaborate on, please send me an email!