Asset Preview Tool


A tool to improve the producer’s workflow by keeping track of different cuts, proofs and versions of content assets, while providing a platform to present said assets in the context of the medium (i.e social media platform) where the asset is going to live.

The Challenge:

Create a tool that allows a producer to demonstrate and present work-in-progress assets in the context of the medium where the asset is going to be displayed.

The Process:

I started with market research of the existing tools to mockup content assets. One key finding of this process was that the tool needed to be two-fold: along with the mockup functionality, the tool should work as a comprehensive asset management system, allowing for organizing and archiving of assets.

I then did user exploration and research by interviewing producers on their workflows, pain points, needs and wants for a tool such as this. I created User Personas to guide the development of the wireframes, along with an affinity map to organize all this information. I created user flows and identified the main functionalities.

Main Basic Flow

The Result:

I created a comprehensive set of wireframes that covered the ideal functionalities, the main flows and a strong design system to guide the user.