Second Screen App for iOne


During my time as a Creative Design Fellow I was tasked with researching and designing a Second Screen App for our TV Channel.

First I did extensive research on he current market and what a second-scree app entails and used the findings to lead the design process. Some of the main findings were:

  • According to an IDG Global Solutions Global Mobile Survey of 2014, 58% of users use a smartphone and 61% use a tablet while using another device simultaneously. (Among other statistics of connected devices usage)
  • Our audience already consumes our content in mobile devices, particularly smartphone.
  • Taking part in a social network (friend network, sharing features…) is more and more valuable to people, especially young  people.
  • Our original shows were already been discussed in other second-screen apps such as Beamly, Miso and TvTag.

Then, it was all about functionalities. What should our app do? How to differentiate our app from others? How do we bring back the users watching our shows but talking about it on other apps?

I made a wish list that included:

  • Community building: chat space, virtual living room to “watch” the shows with people.
  • Marketing oriented: Get the look of the show i.e Be a diva = make-up, clothing, accesories, etc.
  • Gamification: Badges, stickers and perks for watching the shows.
  • Exclusive content: Behind the scenes photos, previews, interviews, videos, etc. HUGE plus since we own the shows.
  • Playlist function with all the music of the episode. Could be particularly great for our music-driven shows.
  • User generated content: videos and stories of our users watching the shows. Easy edition dashboard to upload user generated memes, reaction gifs, recap videos.

I also had a list (I <3 lists!) of the app’s specific design needs, and these were:

  • Alignment with the channel’s brand identity: colors, typography, etc.
  • Usage of the different shows language and “vibe” to develop a consistent branding and language for buttons, calls to action and more.
  • This was also fundamental the type of marketing campaigns, extra-content, etc.

So, there was A LOT to include. The process was a fun, long one, and these are parts of the results of it. For the first go around I decided to keep it to the minimum needs and a simple look. It features:

  • The channel’s colors, in order to ensure identity and continuity.
  • Easy access to what’s on and your favorite shows.
  • Easy access to social media and social chats. This was one of the main points, since that was the functionality that I found was most used by our viewers in other second screen apps.
  • Links to our national websites.