UX Research


I have led UX research efforts for different desktop and native products for several clients, including national brands. I have both worked on creating new products and on making existing native apps better, identifying and addressing pain points and creating solutions to different problems and challenges.

Thanks to the wide breadth of clients and products I have been involved with, I have developed a process of research and experience that helps me understand the needs of each project and select the right research tools to discover important insights and drive efficient solutions. I have been able to use a range of methods based on those on the needs which leads to discovering important insights and driving efficient solutions. I know what method to use, what to look for and how to present my findings in order to make positive changes in a product.

I have been able to use a breadth of methods methods depending on the needs of the projects. I know what method to use, what to look for and how to present it and share it to make positive changes in a product.

Due to NDA-related restrictions I can’t go in as much detail as I would like, but I have compiled some fun-sized case studies here:

Content Driven Native App –

The project: Ground-up development of for a content-driven, in-house app.

The Needs: Define main app functionalities and opportunities to create value for users. Define goals for stakeholders.

The Method(s):

Ethnographic Research

Early stages of development: Ethnographic research. One on one interviews with the users that will use the app, along with stakeholders and product owners to balance needs.

Creation of user personas, user journeys and roadmap of the app.

Deployed product: Continuous user feedback, using surveys and analytics along with A/B testing for improvements and changes.

See more about the development of this mobile app!

Audit and Research for National Beverage and Food Chain –

The question: find and address customer pain-points in the rewards system for a national beverage and food chain.

Needs: Understand what rewards were being used and redeemed, how long time and active users were using the rewards and how the new users were finding these rewards (or not).

Usability Testing – Moderated

The Research Methods:  Usability testing (in-house) for new users and longtime users, Interviews and user surveys. Usage analytics and ethnographic research.

CMS research projects:

The question: design and develop custom content management systems. These systems variated in form: native and desktop applications, type and amount of content and updating and amount of dedicated content editors. 

Needs: Understand the workflow of editors. Define the ideal workflow, along with what they need, and what can be improved. Make sure that for the editors working with existing tools, we’re not adding more work. 

Clickstream Analysis

The Research Methods:  Ethnographic research. One on one interviews, first click tests. Usability tests.