All the websites \o/


These is a small sample of wireframes that I’ve created for different projects. They’ve been built for a wide range of clients, with different aesthetics, needs and personalities.

A couple of them are still under progress and a couple of them are under NDAs, but if you want to discuss anything, just shoot me an email!

Bushwick Abbey 

Custom site, Redesign and branding, UX research and development, Asset Development .



UX Consultancy, Website redesign, Asset development.

Seeds is an amazing startup that’s using in-game purchases to finance micro-loans to women in developing countries. These are some of the wireframes that I developed as part of an UX consultant stint for them.


UX Research and Design, UI Design

[this was a conceptual development for artist Marie Sester]

OnceOnly is a web-based art installation that explores “where humanity stands in its efforts to define what consciousness might be”. I developed a cohesive identity for the site, along with an user experience that is inspired and enriches the concept behind the installation.

NYC OpenRecords

This mockup was created in 4 hours, in the frame of the NYC OpenRecords UX Hackathon. We were tasked to create a better experience (based on 3 specific challenges) for the citizen that uses OpenRecords database and requests records.

Surface Workshop

Custom site and CMS, Identity and Branding, Information Architecture, UX, Mobile and Web Dev

This is an on-going project for a local art business in Manhattan. It involves a custom website, design and branding, and in-depth research and consultancy on their unique content and information.